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We are your shortcut to beating the Markets. Welcome to the Lounge.

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Grow your portfolio.

    Our Features Include:

  • Options day trade and swing alerts
  • Long term dividend stock picks
  • Penny stock picks
  • Instant notification alerts and SMS updating on staff positions in real time.
  • Live Chat Room to answer all inquiries 24/7.
  • Weekly live streams and strategy development.
  • Market Tools - News Bot, Earnings Tracker, Options Darkpool alerts, Technical Analysis Bot.
  • Become a professional as a beginner. Our staff can help you flatten the learning curve.
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    What makes us different?

  • Algorithm backed alerts - Rest assured, Our staff utilize detailed algorithms to confirm their analysis before alerting members.
  • Specialty in spreads and advance options strategies to turn our members into consistent independent traders rather than blind followers utilizing safe, high probability plays.
  • Completely Beginner Friendly - The Trading Lounge Quick Start Guide will have you caught up in less than a week. New members are quickly able to pick up thanks to our extensive resources.
  • Personalized support is one click away - Have all your inquiries answered over live voice chat or a quick text in our Discord group. Our growing community will always have someone available to help.
  • Weekly Watchlists and setups - Know the right move ahead of time. The Trading Lounge provides members with weekly watchlists and key setup opportunities to give you an upper hand over the market.

  • Start profiting today. Rest assured, You're now trading with The Lounge.

Growing your Wealth

Our portfolios are always diversified backed by intensive fundamental and technical research. Our staff strives to instill long term growth in our traders. You will never lack opportunities to supplement your wealth.

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24/7 Availability

Our staff is available as a resource to you around the clock, with direct access to seasoned veterans via Discord and Zoom. We are also available on twitter, where we often post giveaways. Don't miss out!

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